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Boat Share

If the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own boat in Cyprus is off putting, MBS Boat Share offer an exciting alternative to ownership at a fraction of the cost of outright purchase – and with all the benefits! 

With our range of high end power boats, additional services, dedicated team and a comprehensive “Walk On” -“Walk Off” service, MBS Boat Share shareholders can realise their dreams. 


-No devaluation in the first year against an upgrade

-No repair, servicing or maintenance costs

-No storage problems

-No insurance payments

-No cleaning 

-Interest Free Finance Terms Available

-No Launch & Recovery Issues For You To Worry About

Boat share ownership provides a practical and cost effective way to realise your dream of owning your own boat EXAMPLE €130,000 BOAT, 28 DAYS BOAT USAGE
This is more time on board than is used on average by outright boat owners!