Let us do the work for you... Just Relax and enjoy your time on the water
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Let us do the work for you...
Just relax and enjoy your time on the water

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About Us

Welcome To MBS Boat Services

MBS has a full range of services for those who love to enjoy the sun. sea and playing about in motor boats. 
We can meet the needs of all requirements from storage, to launching or even suppling high quality picnic meals for when you go out on an adventure on the ocean.
Right at the heart of the business is the exciting and fulfilling concept of boat share. It is a brilliant idea. You can have the use of a boat for 28 days a year for 10% of the value of the boat. Not only that, there is no hassle.
No cleaning, no servicing, no insurance worries. It is all done for you. You just step on and go.

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact our excellent Customer Services Team.

Our Mission

Our Mission Is Simple!

To provide you with maximum boating pleasure!

Leaving you hassle and stress free from all of the mundain tasks and small print which comes with owning your own boat.

Contact Us

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